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Our Philosophy:

Everyone has a role to play.

Our approach is based on the central security principle of prevention. It focuses on deterring potential wrongdoers from choosing our clients in the first place, detecting potential wrongdoers before they have the ability to attack, and delaying attackers in the event of an actual emergency – all in order to buy time for an effective police response.


We believe that knowledge is power and that everyone has a role to play – not just in an emergency, but in preventing one from occurring in the first place. GSC trains volunteer members of houses of worship, schools, and the community at large to better assist law enforcement in detecting threats, reporting dangers, and handling a range of emergencies. We work with principals, lay leaders, security guards, and installers to ensure full turnkey security solutions.

Our Services

“The security services and trainings GSC provided were top-notch. Thank you for helping us improve our security using realistic methods and critical analysis.”

- Lauren A., Strategic Intelligence Analyst 

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Core Services

Risk assessments
& operational plans

A thorough risk assessment and operational plan is an important first step to any security program. Together, these serve as a blueprint and road map of immediate and long term operational and target hardening needs. The next steps are improving day-to-day security operations, developing emergency procedures, running drills for staff, and ensuring staff are following proper procedures and protocols. We offer a variety of tailor-made services and packages to clients' individual needs.

project management
& security grants

In addition to being your security blueprint, a risk assessment also provides critical language when applying for security grants. GSC is able to help navigate the grant process and assist in procuring competitive bids as required. We work closely with clients to help them with all aspects of Federal, State, Jewish and private sector grants. Nearly 100 clients have received grants using our assessments. 

SECURITY trainings

Our security approach is based on the central security principle of prevention. To that end, we train staff, administrators, students, as well as principals and their families on how to identify and properly handle potential threats before they become emergencies, as well as how to properly act in an emergency if one does occur.


GSC offers sexual harassment and discrimination trainings for schools, camps as well as corporate and non-profit clients. Content is tailor-made to the client and includes preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, bullying, Title IX, social media, complying with disability laws, and conduct between teachers and students.

security design & Bollard Installation

GSC offers security design for new construction, renovations and existing facilities. Let us work with you to develop a security design that meets your needs, provides a clear unbiased direction to installers, and ensures you do it right the first time. We provide installation of all types of security bollards and planters, as well as other perimeter security solutions such as fences and perimeter detection systems. We work with our network of partners to provide other services, including guards, cameras, access control, intruder prevention and bullet resistant glass, gates, fencing, locksmithing, blast proof film, safe rooms, etc.  


Critical Incident Mapping is a great tool for you and first responders to get a better understanding of your facility and its emergency response capabilities. This important tool is increasingly required by local and state laws for private and public schools. GSC can work with you to develop and update all of your Critical Incident Mapping needs. 

security supervisors
& Directors

Supervisors serve as the on-site point of contact for the client. They help further develop the operational plans in coordination with GSC guidelines, and ensure proper implementation of the security procedures and the guards on site. Supervisors conduct regular stays at client locations. They ensure proper positioning, review daily and emergency procedures, coordinate with GSC to ensure operational details are followed and further developed, provide additional trainings, and test operational readiness as well as security hardware readiness.

law enforcement seminars

Our law enforcement seminars cover critical topics, including lessons learned and past active shooter response trainings; improving what actions to teach schools, houses of worship and businesses to take before police arrive in an emergency situation; mitigating security threats as they relate to minority ethnic and religious groups; and mitigating emerging and evolving terrorism and homegrown lone-wolf threats. 

cyber security & vulnerability assessments

No organization is immune to cyber threats and attacks, and no security plan is complete without an effective cyber security component. We work with our clients to assess their vulnerabilities and help develop customized solutions to better protect their human assets and physical capital. 


The world today is interconnected. Understanding your environment and the impacts of decisions being made around you are critical to being successful. Our team of internationally recognized intelligence specialists provide the most comprehensive intelligence analysis available in order to secure your company and advance your business goals. 

crisis communication

In today's day and age, doing the right thing is no longer enough – you must communicate the right message.  We work with our clients to ensure they jump ahead of the message and stay in control during their most critical hours.

“Whether improving our operations, training our staff, installing bollards, upgrading our hardware or liaising with law enforcement, GSC is always there to help keep us safe, bringing with them thorough attention to detail and excellent customer service.”    

- Deann F., Executive Director, Riverdale YM-YWHA (JCC)

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