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Our Clients

No two buildings are the same. No two institutions have identical needs. Our security plans are designed to address the unique set of challenges and opportunities presented by each client.

& universities
Our security plans focus on proper operations, emergency procedures and drills, all the while ensuring that your school remains a warm and welcoming environment.
GCS is a national leader in synagogue security and the recommended vendor for the National Council of Young Israel. We proudly serve nearly 100 synagogues around the country.
travel camps
We work to achieve an environment that balances security with the fun and freedom we all love about camp. GSC is the chosen security provider for the Foundation for Jewish Camps. 
Community centers and clubs welcome members and non-members alike, yet must be both secure and inviting.  Our programs are designed to ensure that you can properly protect your members, and still remain warm and inviting for all.
Understanding the distinct needs of ethnic communities and faith groups is foundational to our work. We serve a spectrum of religious facilities and houses of worship, including synagogues, churches, mosques, Sikh temples and Hindu temples.
Retail and commercial buildings have an added vulnerability due to their physical accessibility. Anybody can walk in. We offer comprehensive solutions that integrate operational, on-the-ground security with state-of-the-art technology.
Our workplace program provides businesses with comprehensive security plans that include risk assessments, cyber security analysis, emergency trainings and on-site security supervisors.
We provide personal protection, security while traveling, family trainings and private home security upgrades geared to corporate executives, celebrities, government officials and other high-profile individuals. 
healthcare facilities
GSC develops cost-effective security solutions for hospitals, offices and senior living facilities that cultivate an environment at once safe, secure and welcoming to the flow of patients, visitors and staff. 

“Excellent trainers and consultants who helped us improve our security without sacrificing the culture and nature of our facility.”  

- Marshall E., Executive Director

Brown University-RISD Hillel

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